Thursday, July 4, 2013

Benson's last day at home & MTC drop off

Callen was assigned Benson's temporary Jr. Companion after he was set apart as a full time missionary on Tuesday, July 2.   They have been so cute together as they have gotten up and had "companion" scripture study together, exercised together and prayed together.
Benson wanted to go to Daylight doughnuts one last time as a family before heading off to the Missionary Training Center.  He got his favorite doughnut, a peach bear claw.

We took our doughnuts to the park to eat them and then played one last round of "Lava Tag" as a family.

One final picture of our  family in front of our house.  Benson got all of his brothers and sister their own Albanian flag to hang in their bedroom.  He is already so proud to be an Albanian.

Dropping Benson off at the Missionary Training Center.

We had a tender ride over to drop Benson off at the MTC.  We all had tears streaming and his little brother Callen said, "Don't go, wait until next year"

Benson and his only sister Anna. Such good friends.  Always talking about life, relationships, and quoting silly lines from movies together. 

It was especially hard for Benson and Luke to say good bye.  Brothers only 15 months apart and best friends.  Luke leaves on his mission next year so they wont see each other for 3 years.

Dearest Friends:

Before I embark upon my mission I want to leave my testimony that the fullness of the gospel has been restored. I testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior, and that He lives. I know that God has a way for us to live 'Happily-Ever-After,' and that His plan is knowable through The Book of Mormon. I bear witness that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints contains the complete truths of eternity, and that it brings genuine happiness to those who live by its principles. I love you all, and will see you in two years!

Elder Benson Gunther


  1. What a great support he has behind him. Benson will be an amazing missionary!

  2. Benson! Dang, I can't do drive-by's anymore while you're running along the road and yell, "Benson!" Ah well, I'll have to do that to Luke for another year.

    I still remember the first time your mom and dad asked me to babysit you and Luke, and mentioned about where the diapers were before they left to go on their date. I didn't care where the diapers were because I didn't know how to change one anyway, and I was just praying you guys would keep yourself clean for a couple of hours (sorry, not sure how that turned out).

    I'm sure that your commitment to the gospel thus far in your life is going to serve you, the Lord, and the Adriatic peoples well. You've done a good job with your life, and have marked out a good path. Very happy to call you my nephew (you're one of my phew favorites from the many nephlots that I have).

    I still ask the men in my ward if they're being good boys, so I'll just say to you to make sure you're always a good boy (we're all a bunch of boys deep down under), especially while you're away from home. Love you, good soul, and God speed!

    Pat the Clean Rat

  3. Wahoo Bens! looks like it has been a roller coaster week. I loved that you stopped at Daylight donuts for one last donut. So funny! We are praying for you every day and know you will ROCK IT! The people in Albania are so lucky to get you. xoxo Aunt Sarah