Thursday, August 22, 2013

Missionary Moments

The last of the awkward pictures with my dearest cousin, Sisar Schellenberg. She happens to be in a land far distant presently. Namely, Finland. She and I had a great comradry at the MTC West Campus. Notwithstanding that we couldn't do more than a handshake, it was fantastic to see her as often as I did. We were even in the same zone, and had lunch together on many such occasions.

It would be sinful to ignore the picture by the 'big map'. It's sooo cliche, but it was something needing to be done. Likewise, we made the trip to main campus for a photo. Yep. That happenend.

Tuesday night devotionals at the Marriott Center are unmatched. First, we walk about 1 mile to the Marriott Center from Wyview. Next we sing in the MTC choir, consisting of about 1,500 missionaries from everywhere, going everywhere. Then, some incredible speaker addresses us. And finally, the American Fork High School alumni meet at Portal C to mix, mingle, and linger longer.

This week's random landscape-filler-picture consists of a full moon. And that's about the entirety of it.

Vellai Eckel is (was) one of our language instructors. He took leave to resume school in his pursuits of Optometry during the fall semester. He is seriously the greatest teacher of Albanian on the face of the planet. So we were most blessed to have him for 7 of the 9 weeks here. I hear that we'll be having a native Albanian replace him for the last few days. We'll see how that goes...

Day Elder and myself got to host missionaries this week. It was pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. It was an ocean of 'dork-dots' (orange stickers indicating first day fresh missionary status) that swarmed the West Campus. We walked them to their apartments, dropped luggage, and threw them without hesitation into language instruction. Kind of neat to be a part of a missionary's first day.

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