Monday, September 23, 2013

Mama's boy

Dearest Family:

You don't realize how much you love your mom until you're half-way across the world with no one to hug. No one to kiss you good night. No one to wipe away your tears of disappointment. And every time she pops into your mind you wish you could see her for even a second. That's what it's like for me right now.

And then you remember there's only 21 short months left. Then you can hug and kiss your mom all you want. Then there's no distance to separate you again. And you smile. Offer a prayer of thanks that you're blessed with the world's greatest woman to call Mother. Pick yourself up. Realize the Priesthood's uniting power of sons and mothers everywhere for eternity. Open your mouth to share the message of forever families. 

Homesickness is a funny thing. It's really a longing for Mom that even the strongest of missionaries can't hide from. I didn't ever think myself to be the type. But here it is. 

Kosovo is a place where most people wouldn't imagine that sons and mothers can be together forever. I am saddened by the solemn looks about their face. If they only knew, how happy they'd be! So that's why I'm here. So that sadness can be chased away by the unbreakable bond of Mother and Son, Family forever. 

So Heidi Elisabeth, my dearest Mother, this one's for you. Your son is 5,000 miles away, missing you like crazy, so that boys and their moms can be like us, inseparable for eternity. 

I can hardly wait for the Salt Lake City Airport in July 2015. I'm such a mama's boy. I am going to run to her first. Give her the biggest hug. Tell her that I'll love her forever. 

Until we meet someday, dearest family, may God be with you. May he embrace you in the love of his gospel. You are truly my greatest happiness.



Just eating some Kosovo traditional food. I think it's called a Dyner?

Elder Tanner and I outside our apartment building. 

Our fabulous apartment- in the living room.

Our bathroom complete with an actual shower with actually warm water.

The humble abode of our bedroom.

The roads of Prishtina and some bakery food.

This is Kosovo. This is my home until at least January.

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