Monday, September 30, 2013

A Full Tithe

Dearest Family:

All is well. But please don't stop praying for me. Through struggle and discouragement I have found that your words in prayer have fully upheld me. As we near General Conference weekend, I've considered a bit the significance of what has transpired this past year. 12 months ago I would have never considered that I'd be anywhere so distant as I am now. Miracles happen. And they always will.

The motivation for the title today has somewhat to do with the monumental announcement made almost 365 days ago. Of course we all know what happened. But as of late I've considered its significance from an alternate perspective. My companion and I taught the law of tithing to one of our investigators this week. It was my first chance to teach such a principle. And it clicked that my mission is a full tithe. By the time I return home, exactly 10% of my life will have been devoted to the Lord. And mathematically this is only possible since the change of missionary age last October. 10%. No less. All to the selfless cause of God's work and glory.

So with that in mind, give thought to the meager one-of-ten that God seeks of young boys. It is no easy task. Neither was it intended to be. But how great is the sacrifice made possible as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is the most noble of causes upon the earth. It's authority is above that of kings and presidents. It's influence more penetrative that any other power known to man. And I get to be a fraction of this great force.

So for those of you who are nearing the age of the draft, are you ready to suit up and fight for the cause of righteousness? Are you humble enough to pay a full tithe? 

I love you, and as your representative in this marvelous work I plead for the cause of happily-ever-after as God intended it to be. You are in my prayers. I love you. I love you enough to be away for the next 21 months. And one day I'll give you a big hug.


Elder Benson Ryan Gunther

In a local supermarket

More Macedonia

Alexander the Great- A Macedonian Hero

In the Macedonian Elders' Apartment

An exchange in Macedonia

Our Branch in Prishtina, Kosovo

A sight to see in the the town center, giving thanks to the nations that brought Kosovo freedom

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