Monday, October 7, 2013

The Numbers Don't Matter But They Count

Dearest Family:

Thank you for your warm regards and for your prayers. It's funny that I can physiologically feel them. Quite the sensation as a missionary. I wouldn't dare estimate how many you say for me in a given day- I don't think my apartment would have the room to hold the tally marks. But I do appreciate them. I need them.

This week I was privileged to take part in my first baptismal service as a missionary. I won't disclose her name for reasons evident, but we call her Iba. She's been investigating the Church for almost 2 months now. My companion and I were blessed to teach her the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. To say she is golden would be like calling the Whitehouse a satisfactory residence. She is incredible! And such an unmatched strength to the Church in a country where the collective membership is fewer than there were in my former deacons quorom. Most missionaries would kill for the chance to share the gospel in a country where the number of missionaries can be counted on two hands. What a calling!

We also had the chance to watch a bit of General Conference on the other side of the world. Because of the 8 hours or so time exchange, it was a bit tough. But we, the missionaries, gathered in the home of the senior couple in Prishtina to view it. It was better than the super bowl. We had goodies and good company and mostly a good time. We only had time for the Priesthood and Sunday Morning sessions, but it was unmatched!

Missionary work is tough. It's very slow. Very demanding. But very rewarding. And in a place where Christ is needed most, it's very necessary. I am the tool in the hands of the Father. And He is doing something incredible here. To those who are discouraged, put yourself in His hands and watch Him do miracles. I love you and pray for your happiness. Keep in mind that it's always darkest before dawn. Wise words of a wise woman. Until then.


Elder Benson Gunther

Just a funny, common sight with local telephone poles.

The field IS white already to harvest!

We did a very allegorical service project for one of the members this week, harvesting corn.

Baptism number one for Elder Gunther. But it's more than just a number

General Conference Viewing Party- An LDS equivalent of the superbowl.

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